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Right I can't see any point in Pixilate since Gardevoir doesn't learn any decent normal moves, so it seems to be such a waste. Should I just use Gardevoir and give it some item so that it can be just like Mega Gardevoir?


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Gardevoir learns Hyper Voice via move tutor in ORAS (and B2W2), which is the main reason to use Mega-Gardevoir, because Hyper Voice will receive STAB from Pixilate, and also bypass substitute.

However, Mega-Gardevoir is still relatively slow, at only base 100 speed, so realistically it needs some Sticky Web support.

Regular Gardevoir has the benefit of being able to hold Scarf, but lacks the sp. atk buff that M-Gardevoir gets, so it still ultimately depends on your team to decide which one to use.

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Gardevoir is in OU.

So, M-Gardevoir is good as well. Some special normal moves such as Hyper Voice is a good STAB move when M-Gardevoir evolves, as well as Draining Kiss and STAB Moonblast and Psychic/Psyshock.

Moveset (competitive and in-game):

[email protected]
(Modest Nature)
Ability: Trace -> Pixilate
(EVs: 252 Special Atatck, 252 Soecial Defense, 4 HP/none)
- Hyper Voice
- Psychic/Psyshock
- Thunderbolt
- Draining Kiss

Gardevoir is no outcast, it has 252 evs in social defense!
No it got edited after I made my 1st comment; it had Moonblast instead of Psychic/ Psyshock.
Oh okay Fondant! Thanks for clarifying; i was really confused by your first comment.
Also as another suggestion for the moveset, you could put Calm Mind instead of Draining Kiss.
Hypervoice is for doubles & triples though... lol
No it's not? It hits both targets yes, but that doesn't compromise its effectiveness in single battles. Still base 90 power and Gardevoir's best attack due to Pixilate.