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I have not EV trained it, it only came out of it's egg just now.

Torchic (Lvl. 1)
Jolly Nature
Characteristic: Highly Persistent
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: none
Highest IV stat known: Defense
Stats: 6 Attack | 6 Defense | 5 Sp. Attack | 6 Sp. Defense | 6 Speed

Parents: (if it matters)

Blaziken (Female)
Highest IV stat known: HP

Growlthe (Male)
Highest IV stat known: HP

You can't really find the exact ivs due to the fact that it is level 1.

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Tried it on Psypokes

Tried this on Psypokes IV Calculator

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Hmmmmm... Well at least I have a decent IV in speed. :/ Thanks!