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I really love mew so much but why do they have to make mew an event Pokémon? Or same with Celebi? Does anyone actually know why the creators of the game make those Pokémon event Pokémon? Just in case anyone suggests to use the GTS, I've tried that and I left my Pokémon in there for months... also I tried seeing who was offering a Mew or Celebi on there and no one was offering a mew and everyone with a Celebi was really greedy, all they wanted was genesect, meloetta, or some other Pokemon I don't have. (Satisfied with my answers)

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YOU LOVE MEW? what about me I am mew
Mew can't be traded on the GTS

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As their title suggests, Mew and Celebi are legendary Pokemon, meaning they should, in theory, be extremely hard to obtain. Although cheating devices pretty much ruined that concept, the idea that legendary Pokemon are rare is still Gamefreak's motive of keeping them scarce.

Think about it for a minute. If Mew and Celebi were widely available, what would make them special? Their base stats? Not true, as a good number of easier to obtain Pokemon have their BST, such as Garchomp, Salamence, Tyranitar, and Dragonite. Movepool? Mew may be an exception due its special ability to learn every TM, but Celebi's movepool isn't exactly amazing, although quite adequate for its needs.

Legendary Pokemon are supposed to be hard to obtain, or else there would be nothing special about them at all.

This may be the factor that would be holding people from trading rare Pokemon without receiving a rare one in return.

Never thought about it like that thanks!
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The only people who know why these Pokemon are so hard to get is Gamefreak.
There could be many reasons why Mew is so hard to get. One reason could be because we haven't gotten Red/Blue remakes in a while. It could also be hard to get to make filling up the Pokedex harder. Mew and Celebi are also legendary Pokemon, making them difficult to get.

One reason you could be having trouble getting Mew/Celebi is what you're putting in the GTS. If you are putting Pokemon that are very easy to get, like Zigzagoon, people won't want to trade that for their Mew. Try putting rare or legendary Pokemon in the GTS and asking for Mew/ Celebi.

Yes I tried putting in Lugia and Raikou, the only pokemon game I have is X and Alpha sapphire... But thanks this helped!
People probably will only give Mew for another event Pokémon...