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I'll review these for you :D


A mini-Arceus. With decent stats all around the board, it can basically run any role it feels like. Like arceus. Baton pass? Got it. Sweep? Got it. Wall? Got it. Like a Smeargle, but not as cheap...

Another little cute Pokemon, Celebi also has great stats, same as Mew! It, however, has many weaknesses, but can still do much damage as a Nasty Plot sweeper.

I can't specify much, as both of their movepools are pretty big. Mew can literally function any role, but Celebi can resist common attacks in OU and strike back.

Overall, I think Mew is better. It's more difficult to predict, and they both have the same stats, although Mew has a bigger movepool. Like I said earlier, Celebi has better typing, but mew wins in the end.

Yore answer is better, hiding mine
Id say mew has better typing, but overall i'd say i like this answer.
Nah. Celebi has the better typing, resisting Ground, Electric, Fighting, Water, all common offensive types. Those resistances make up for all the weaknesses.
Also, could you stop necro-posting please?
Most of the Mews i see run super Gimmicky sets like SmashPass Feta.Amnesia or Iron Defense or Something ._. But Celebi has Great tryping, And access to Recover and His ability Natural Cure heals him up real good ;)