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I want to know which is stronger because i have a Mew Lv30 and Shaymin Lv30 and both of them are Lv30

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The regular forms both have the same stats total of 600 with 100 in each stat. Shaymin's Sky form loses a bit of defense for a good increase in Speed and Special Attack. Mew's 100 stats does mean it can me moulded to any role e.g. wall, sweeper, tank.

Shaymin's Sky form has the Serene Grace ability which is pretty great. Mew has Synchronize which isn't too bad.

The movesets is where Mew really shines, as it can learn every TM, HM and move tutor move, making for incredible and unpredictable movesets. This alone pretty much wins it for Mew IMO.

If you are able to get Shaymin in Sky form, give it a try as it makes a good Special sweeper. Otherwise, Mew is by far the best.

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Well Mew could probably beat Shaymin because it can learn any move. Then again Shaymin
could have an advantage because it's stats are a bit higher than Mew. So it's maybe a tie.
But if you ask me, I would say Mew because it can learn any moveset.

Hope this helps with you decission! :)

What i mean was i'm asking which one was more STRONGER, not the one that can learn any moveset or has higher stats.
The 'STRONGER POKEMON' is based upon stats, movepools, abilities and a lot more subjects, so Pokemonmasterlol's answer would have helped you as much as Pokemaster's. Both answers have the same topics anyway. ^.^
I think PokeMaster's answer helped more.
I agree jcm
I think Mew can kick Shaymin's a s s.