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I want a pretty long list to.
Include: chansey; porygon-2; onix(?)

And thats all i got... :(
onix has dismal health and spdef so eviolite isnt as good as Steelix imo

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Chansey - huge HP and special defense
Tangela- Great Defense and decent HP also Regenerator
Gligar- Greeat Defense and Immunity
Porygon 2-80/90/95 tank stats is great with eviolite
Murkrow- Really anoying with Prankster feather dance confide and roost.
Dusclops- 130 in each def and Pain split make it a great wall
Ferroseed- A slightly weaker Ferrothorn
Duoblade- Extremely High defense

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Calm mind > confide for murkrow