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Does regular Farfetch’d gain the defense boost from Eviolite, or does it need to be Galarian form? Same goes for Linoone and Mr. Mime.

there is no reason why the galarian forms shouldnt get the boost. the way the game probaby checks to see if eviolite works is it cherck if there are any further pokeon in the evolution line, that way its a lot easier to code. if they dont get the boost then that should be considered as a bug (sorry for not having definate proof)
The question asks if regular Farfetch'd can use the Eviolite.
whoops, i misread the question then... sorry bout that

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No, it doesn't.
A Pokemon only gets the Eviolite boost if it itself can evolve.
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So why does this not apply to male Combee? I'm pretty sure they get the eviolite boost.
Male Combee and female Combee are the same evolutionary family. Regional variants are the same species, but belong to different evolutionary lines.
How is male Combee in the same evolution family, and Kantonian Farfetch'd isn't, if neither can evolve?
It's just the way the games work kiddo.
And to clarify, regional variants behave like completely different Pokemon. The only difference is that regional variants under certain conditions yield regular forms of Pokemon on breeding, just to make it easier to get said Pokemon into the game.
How do you know that's the way it works?
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A regular one won’t get the Def and SpDef from eviolite, only the Galarian Form can seems it will evolve to Sirfetch'd which was a Pokemon that introduced in gen 8.


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