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I'm trying to build an all fire-type team to get some medals(Black 2). Can someone help me out(e-mail answer to [email protected]) Thanks!

You don't need to put your e-mail address. Just simply check the box that says "Email me (blah blah blah)" and you will receive a notification that your question has been answered. They'll even put the link for the question.

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The only to get a Pokemon with an HA is breeding. You need to breed a Rapidash or Ponyta that already has flame body with a another Pokemon of the field egg group. Just keep hatching eggs and you should eventually get one. Also, make sure the Rapidash or Ponyta that you are breeding with is a girl and it breeds with a male Pokemon of the field egg group.
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This isn't correct. You need a female Rapidash that knows Flame Body already, if you don't have that you could hatch a 1000 eggs and still not get one. Also, it doesn't work if you breed it with a Ditto either.
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You need to breed a female Pontya/Rapidash that knows Flame Body already, you need to breed it with something in the Field egg group, it can't be a ditto.

Then you have a 80% chance of hatching one.

Also, you really shouldn't advertise your email address so openly.