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I mean, who just leaves a bunch of Pokeballs on the ground filled with treats?

(I know this is a stupid question but I don't care)

lol yeah... nobody in the game is confirmed to do it. I like to think Pokemon do it
No.Defenitely not the Pokémon.There are man-made items.TMs.Pokeballs.I doubt Pokémon just leave those items there just like that.

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I actually think this is a great question, :D

Well, let's put it in perspective. You know how in our world people tend to drop money, food, etc.? People in the Pokemon world are people too, and they tend to drop stuff! :D
As for the naturally generated items (Berries / Pearls / Heart Scales) I imagine the Berries are grown, picked up by some absentminded Bird Pokemon, hidden somewhere, and then the Bird Pokemon forgets about it. And as for Pearls and Heart Scales, I think they just wash up like shells.

Hope I helped!

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The Bird Pokemon aren't absent minded. >.> They'll probably gather to much to carry and some just "slip" from their talons. Mothers got to feed their chicks somehow. XD
True XD