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I was looking on what Pokeballs you can get in Sun and Moon, and noticed there are some that aren't in any shops, but can be picked up.

Level Ball
Moon Ball
Love Ball
Friend Ball
Fast Ball
Heavy Ball
Lure Ball

So are there only one of each?

In-game yes, but you can get more by competing in competitions.

By participating.
In what? I don't know what you're talking about lol.
Oh, sorry! Wi-Fi battle competitions like the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble.

EDIT: Actually, those give out Mega Stones. I'm not sure what gives out Apricot Balls, but I know there is a way.
They appear to be rewards for participating (and completing) Global Missions — I think the Heavy Ball is the only one released so far, but I'm not positive.
so pretty much no way other than transfer and that?
You can't transfer items, but you can trade the Apricorn Balls from another Sun/Moon game. If cloning is still a thing you can do that.

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By regular means, you can only get one of each Apricorn Ball per game. However, there are/have been a few other methods of getting multiple of the same type of Apricorn Ball:

1) Trade from another Sun/Moon game.

2) Participate in Global Missions. So far, two Apricorn Balls have been available as rewards: the Friend Ball (Global Mission #3) and the Heavy Ball (Global Mission #4). Both events have ended, however there are more coming in the future and it makes sense for Apricorn Balls to be prizes as well.

3) So far, most generations of Pokémon have had a cloning glitch of some form, so it is possible that someone will figure out how to do it in Sun/Moon. Held items are cloned alongside the Pokémon, so that could be another possible way of getting multiple Apricorn Balls. However, there is no guarantee of a cloning method being discovered in the future.

4) It is possible to hack in items with third-party software.

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How many are given out in global missions?
Only one, so far.
well, time to make a GL account, im shiny hunting a cottonee so i guess that'll help.
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You can only get one of each apricorn ball per game. source