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I know this is kind of irrelevant, but I'm confused. I know there's a purple and red one, but for some reason, a green Genesect just keeps popping back into my head. So what are all their colors and which one is shiny/special event?
Note: Not blaster colors, but actual body color.

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Can you paint with all the colors of the genesect?

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There is only
Purple coloured Genesect
Red coloured shiny Genesect.

However, in SSBM (super smash bros madness), there is also
-A grey coloured white-eyed Genesect
-A green coloured purple-eyed Genesect
-A golden coloured blue-eyed Genesect
-A black coloured red-eyed Genesect

That might be what you are thinking of, or maybe you saw fan-art or are thinking of green because it is part bug-type.

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Oh ok then. Thanks!
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Purple- Normal (event)
Red- Shiny (event)

They are the only colors.

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