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He's in PU?! I mean... WHAT?

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1 – Ice is $#@! defensively
2 – There are better offensive Ice-types
3 – 4x Stealth Rock weakness
4 – Cruddy defences
5 – Poor movepool
6 – Moltres looks cooler
This last point is invalid. Ho-Oh looks a hella bloody lot cooler than Moltres. Shiny Moltres looks like a grilled chicken.
But who doesn't like grilled chicken :(
Regardless, Moltres still looks cooler than Articuno. Ho-Oh is cooler than Moltres, and Chatot is the coolest bird Pokémon.
Then wouldnt Articuno be the coolest, since he's an ice type? Oohhh

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>There's Articuno; well, what exactly can it do? It's the only Pokémon other than Smeargle that can learn the combo of Mind Reader and Sheer Cold, but unfortunately, OHKO moves are banned, so can it actually do anything good? Honestly, no. Well that's a bit exaggerated; with 90 / 100 / 125 defenses Articuno is definitely capable of taking a hit or two, and it can stall opponents with Pressure and access to move such as Substitute, Roost, and Toxic. However, all of this is undermined by the legendary birds' Kryptonite in Stealth Rock; with half its health stripped whenever it switches in, it becomes exceedingly difficult for Articuno to do what it's best at otherwise: stall. To provide perspective to how low Articuno has fallen, take a moment to consider the fact that Cryogonal, with a paltry base 30 Defense, shows it up with higher Special Defense, access to Rapid Spin, and a lesser weakness to Stealth Rock. Articuno may be a dazzling bird, but ultimately it's all frame and no game and clearly not in the same league as Zapdos or even Moltres.


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Quote it. It's copy/pasted.