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I see weezing in practically every NU team I see, and in also ALOT of UU teams. Honestly when the tier changes came out I was surprised to see that Weezing hadn't moved up.

Why have smogon kept him so low?

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'Why is Weezing so low'

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Because it lack reliable recovery.
As you said, Weezing is a really good Pokemon who's unique resistances and immunities make it invaluable in many teams. With access to many good defensive moves it truly is a good wall, but it lacks one valuable component, healing. Bar Leftovers/Black Sludge, Rest and Pain Split Weezing have no way of healing, meaning it is extremely prone to being worn down, and take considerable damage from Stealth Rock and switching in general. This one critical flaw make Weezing overlooked by many whilst making a team, hence its low usage and low tier placement.
Source: Experience trying to use Weezing competitively.

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See: Mold Breaker Excadrill.