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I'm not sure if this question was asked yet or not, I looked and it didn't seem to be so here goes; I read somewhere that while you can't trade "special"/event Pokemon on the GTS/WT, you can trade directly to someone with a friend code. Is this true? And how do you go about doing it if so? (I've never directly traded with anyone, as in with a friend code before.)

If it is, I was wondering; Is there anyone out there who would be willing to trade a Shiny Jirachi for either Darkrai or Keldeo? It's totally legit, I swear! Got it through the Pokebank and everything!

Sorry, if I'm not supposed to ask that here, I'm learning, still new and all....

You don't do it with a friend code, you exchange friend codes so you can trade directly with each other. As for trading event Pokemon, l'm not sure about this and the new games restrictions or not.

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You can trade special Pokemon with friend codes.

What to do:
Go to your Nintendo 3/2DS home
Select the orange box with a smiley face (in the top row of icons, second nearest to the customization options)
It'll tell you that you don't currently have any friends. Slide it to your Mii and read your friend code on the top screen. You'll need to give this to whomever you want to trade (keep it on your DB profile).
Select the button with the orange box-face that has a + sign on it, this is the 'friend request' option.
Select internet, then enter their code. It'll ask for their name but it doesnt matter what you put in. They also must enter your friend code for you two to become friends
After that go in XY/ORAS and connect to the internet. They'll show up on your PSS in the friends section, and when online they'll light up. select an online friend and request a trade or wait for them to request it. After that it's a breeze!

I would love a shiny Jirachi, but I don't have a Darkrai or Keldeo. Ask someone in chat if they're interested in trading, or advertise your Jirachi on your profile.

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Woo hoo! I loves detail :) thank you so much! This was great! :)
Hai i am vivek from India. I have each and every legendary pokemon except hoopa and volcanion. I would be very greatful if you trade me one. I will trade you which ever pokemon you want.
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You can trade event exclusive Pokemon through direct trade.

Special Pokemon are event exclusive legendary Pokemon and Pokemon with new items/moves trying to be traded to a previous game (like trying to trade groudon with red orb as an item. Or the move precipipe blades to someone trading with his/here XY game.).

So, to answer your question, yes you can trade event exclusive Pokemon, but not Pokemon with new item/moves to a previous game.

Source: I traded my zapdos>darkrai>diancie>arceus>celebi with no problem.

wish I could pick 2 favorites. thank you! you guys are awesome :)