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How to use friend codes to trade or battle
Do you need a friend code from the same game


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  1. Go to your main menu.
  2. Go to KEY ITEMS.
  3. Open PAL PAD
  4. From here you will see four buttons on your top screen:
  • "(Name you've chosen for the game) CODE"
  • "EXIT"

When exchanging codes' Select the third button that reads, "(CHARACTER'S) CODE" You'll need to give this code to the person you wish to trade, battle, link, etc.

  1. Likewise when you want to register someone for your pad (Keep in mind you have to have the person registered, and they must have you registered) you click the "REGISTER FRIEND" button, enter a name, then enter his / her friend code.
  2. To battle you'll need to go upstairs in a poke center and choose the middle room. You'll then be prompted to save and connect to WiFi.

And to answer your question about if you need the same game then answer would be NO. You need to have the same GENERATION. Pokemon Black / White / Black 2 / White 2 can all exchange friend codes. And Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver can exchange friend codes. You CANNOT exchange the Pokemon Black with Soul Silver.

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he actually answer at the same time just needed approval
Wat abt soul silver with platinum
Yes. They are both part of Gen IV, so they are compatible together.
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Ok first of all, you and your friend need to both register each other
in your Pal Pads. When you confirm that you need to go to any Pokemon
Center and go to the upper floor. Press A on the second counter and
save the game, afterwards select Yes to connect to Wi-Fi Connection
and enter the Wi-Fi Club. When you enter, if the person who has you
registered also enters, he will appear as a trainer sprite. Since most
newbies are confused by this, the person's sprite will be standing on
one spot even though in his DS he will be moving. Basically he is
standing on the spot you registered him on (for example if you
register someone second, he will be standing on the second spot and if
you register someone in a new page, he will be standing on another
platform). Now if you want to ask for a battle you need to go to the
PC on the north of the room and press A, afterwards you can either ask
for a trade or battle etc. If the other person is "asking for
something", his sprite will be jumping up and down on the spot, press
A on him to confirm his request.

Source: Experience.