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I know you get at the end of a forest like thing. But I found one when I accidently wandered into the grass (at the end of the forest like thing).


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They are not very rare in the Pokemon village.
They have a 50% chance of appearing in purple flower patches.
They have a 75% chance of appearing in yellow flower patches.
Ditto can also appear in a Friend Safari along with Chansey, Eevee, and Smeargle
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In the purple flowers, it is a 50% chance of seeing a ditto.
In the yellow flowers, it is a 75% chance of seeing a ditto.
So not really too rare.
Also , Ditto can't be found anywhere else (from Pokemon village) , except friend safaris, where it is a 25% chance. Unlikely, but still not rare. Ditto wouldn't be too difficult to get in XY.

[1]: http://pokemondb.net/location/kalos-pokemon-village

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U never played X/Y.
Google is a wonderful thing :)

Also, I have played XY once before. But mostly I ran around in flowers and cities (/oDo)/
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No, but I don't have real experience on most of my answers anyways. A reliable source fixes all that.
den how did you play it?
My friend has X, but she doesn't really go on this site. Actually, I think she's only asked one question and been here one time.