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What does it do. From what I can understand, it makes Flying-types and Pokemon with levitate able to be hit with ground moves. Can the Iron Ball be useful?

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It helps you move slower. Moves like Avalanche, Revenge, and Gyro Ball all work better if you slower.

Basically, if you want to move slower to take advantage of Avalanche or Revenge, the Iron Ball becomes useful, but not as a viable strategy as a whole in a sense.

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Yes, but still not the best item.

Have a pokémon hold it, then use the move Fling/Trick/Switcheroo/other move with similar or same effect and the other Pokemon will have the Iron Ball.
Often, you'll also get something useful like Leftovers in return.
You can do the same thing with items like a Ring Target, but there are still better strategies than this. If you manage to pull it off though, it can be very trolly.

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Yes, it does

The iron I believe is used a lot like the ring target, with Fling. How you it is like this: You're up against a thunderus and you have a ground type with no rock moves but has fling and is holding a iron ball. You use fling and hit the thunderus with the iron ball. The thunderus(If holding nothing) is now holding the iron ball, meaning it can get hit by ground type moves.

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