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It's always on the 5th chain. Eevee will go from Lv. 8 to 18 and when I get close, even tiptoeing at the slowest speed (and I've tried faster), it just vanishes and simply says " It ran away". I'ev tried searching this and NO ONE seems to have this problem... I've been through this 30 times ....

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After a certain amount of time, the overworld DexNav search will stop working and the message will say "[Pokémon] ran away!" I believe it's after one minute. If you spend too long sneaking up on a Pokémon, it will escape.

Souce: This has happened to me in tall grass, caves and while Surfing.

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Well im pretty fast to get to it, and iv tried again and just a while ago it ws 4 steps in front of it and it ran away and it wasnt even 10 seconds after i searched for it