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I am currently working on going through Pokemon Alpha Sapphire in French (Learning it in School) and I wanted to spice things up a bit. I know people have done plenty of solo runs in this game and I wanted to know ALL (or at least 10) that are able to do it really effectively (I thought Torterra maybe).

Torchic and Mudkip are definitely two of the best because they're starters and decently strong. Next, I have some questions. For example, could you play with a regular team until you caught Kyogre, use only Kyogre from there, and call that a Kyogre solo run? Can you do the same for an earlier Pokemon like Zigzagoon? If the answers are different, then what's the cutoff? Can you trade a Pokemon from another game and use that?
I'd say no to your first two questions, but I can trade from other games. I have all the other 6th Gen games as well. With access to Pokemon from gen 4 and 5(Sorry this is late I had a football game and needed to sleep)

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Blaziken. With a combination of high speed and bulk up, blaziken can be an awesome sweeper, just give it high jump kick and see what happens, also a special blaziken with flamethrower wouldn't be so bad combined with focus blast.

He asked for all of them, not just one.