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Old post, but new people may like the idea:

In Soul Silver, I used my Master Ball to catch Entei. I wanted him for the Elite Four, but didn't have patience to travel everywhere looking. It was worth it because he always flees or uses Roar (after I use Mean Look), taking forever to catch him. I wanted a good Fire type for the Elite Four since I chose Chikorita to start with, and I didn't need Raikou because I had Ampharos.

Most folks use their Master Ball for Lugia, but with a little skill, a dozen Hyper Potions, and a lot of Ultra Balls, Lugia is not that difficult to catch. I actually caught him with a Net Ball if I remember correctly.

Wow, a Net Ball!!!!!
Holy Entei!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Try using a pokemon with the ability arena trap or the move mean look, both options stop pokemon from running away.

Trapinch has arena trap and zobat as well as other pokemon learn mean look.

Try using a quick ball straight away, you may get lucky!

Good luck , hope this helps!

couldn't you also use a Pokemon with the ability Shadow Tag?
You might I don't know, sorry!
no worries, that''s what I used to try to catch Tornadus in Black but my pokeball actually worked that time around so I'm not totally sure either
If u want to meet it u have to go to this certain place using ur bicycle or on foot .using fly the poke may see u while u r  flying .funny but this is the truth !
You also have to have your map icon over said pokemon's icon.
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Need help preparing, finding, and catching Entei and Raikou? I posted a rather detailed sort of walkthrough that will help, and it leaves a lot of the decisions of how to go about catching them up to you (it's suggestions, not requirements, so anything that'll work just as well as something I specifically mention, like two different moves that do the same thing, will work too!). The post might get taken down because of it's length, but here's the link to the page I posted it on.


If it's gone when you get there, reply to me here and I'll send you what I posted separately so you can read it. It won't make catching them automatically successful the first try, but it will streamline your repeated attempts to make each appearance of the legendary dogs in your route take mere seconds instead of minutes.