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I'm trying to catch Entei In leafgreen, I've already come across him twice just recently, but I don't have a masterball anymore. Also I caught a lv. 58 wabuffet so its shadow tag ability could prevent Entei from running away from battle. So I finally run into him again and I battle him with wabuffet , and he still manages to get away by using roar on his second turn!! My question is.. What other effective ways are there to catch him? To come across him more often??

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Come across him more often? could you explain that better please?
Well since he is a roaming pokemon its hard to encounter him in the wild. I've only come across him twice since I beat the elite four and became champ, that was like 40 hours ago in game time.

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Umbreon I checked and it can do it in gen III too.

Teach Umbreon Mean look and tuant first use mean look so it won't flee remember to level it up enough to out speed it. Then on the second turn use tuant so it can't use roar then use baton pass to a pokemon that can status/false swipe it and then throw balls at it.

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Unless he transfer Umbreon from Ruby\Sapphire, he is out of luck with that Pokemon.
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You may want to use a strategy less reliant on trapping Entei. For example, when I want to catch roaming Pokemon, I use a Pokemon with Thunder Wave to paralyse it, and use a Pokemon with False Swipe in each following battle to dwindle his HP down to one.

Another, similar idea is the Endeavor Strategy. Catch a Pokemon that can use Endeavor, like Swellow or Raticate, and lower their HP down to one. Then, when you find them, just use Endeavor to lower their HP down to one.

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