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I have Raikou and Entei down to 1 HP, Raikou with a burn and Entei asleep, but the ultra balls won't catch them. Can someone help?

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Try a timer ball.

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Since you can't use an ability/move to trap them in battle (they both have Roar), you have to give them status problems. The best you can get for HP is down to 1 which you have done. Second, status problems. Entei will be easier to catch than Raikou as Frozen, Sleep and Paralysis are more effective than Poison, Burn, etc..

Timer Ball should be quite effective - if not more, than just as effective as an Ultra Ball. Also, if you know you are about to ecounter one of the dogs, save before you do so. ou can turn off if you fail, that way. If you accedently defeat one of them and you did not use the saving tactic, if you defeat the Elite Four [again], they will reappear.

As always, the Master Ball will surely capture one of them - but only use it if you SERIOUSLY can't capture it. In a contition like this, you will just need persistance and patience.

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Use mean look on Entei and keep trying to capture it with ultra balls. As for Raikou you may need to use a Master ball on it to keep it from fainting.
Hope this helps :D

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Well for the entei use a pokemon with Arena Trap or something to make it stay in battle and then use a timer ball

For raikou u have to use a master ball because with a burn it will probably faint or let it faint and defeat the Elite 4 and once u won, the raikou will appear again

Hope this helped (-:

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