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I wanted to know if you could capture Entei or Raikou without putting them to sleep. I really don't want to use a masterball on either of them, but will if I am absolutely desperate for them.

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What game is this?
Probably HG or SS.

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Of course you can capture them without putting them to sleep, it's just a lot harder. If you don't wanna put them to sleep, try paralyzing them, that's another tactic that works efficiently.

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Or use a quick ball when they're weak and parylized and such
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A good combo is 1st to get a strong Pokemon, preferably a lv 100 one and teach it false swipe, to guarantee thy have 1 health point remaining. 2nd . Now that they have 1 hp. Get a Pokemon to paralyze it, like with glare or thunder wave. And 3rd get a fast Pokemon with mean look, and use it and taunt so they have no chance of escaping, use mean look and then taunt if they have roar. 4th after that just spam ultra balls and timer balls. A even better one is to try to catch them at night and use a dusk ball :3 they're not that difficult to capture as they seem. :)

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That is more of a follow up to TBB's answer than something that answers the question.