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Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, and Teravolt, will these abilites negate Desolante Land and Primordial Sea?


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>The abilities Cloud Nine or Air Lock are still able to bypass the effects of Desolate Land, but Mold Breaker is not.

So no, Mold Breaker and all it's variants fail to negate Primordial Sea and Desolate Land. Cloud Nine does however... interesting...

Source, Desolate Land
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Not that interesting. Pokemon with abilities that negate other abilities are just not powerful enough to stop Primal Groudon/Kyogre with the exception of Rayquaza because it oversees them, therefore needing the power to stop them from destroying the world. Cloud Nine covers the whole sky with clouds therefore blocking out the sun and rain. Clouds are probably REALLY thick to stop rain and sun that harsh from penetrating them.
More like Mold Breaker only stops those abilities that somehow hamper it's attacks itself. For eg.- Levitate affects the user's Ground type moves, so Mold Breaker cancels it, but it doesn't do so for weather changing abilities like Drought, Drizzle etc. AND Primordial Sea/Desolate Land.
Airlock = negates weather's effects
Cloud Nine = negates weather's effects
Coud Nine = Air Lock
Rayquaza gets Air Lock
Psyduck gets Cloud Nine
Therefore it is simply fact to say Psyduck = Rayquaza

That explains a lot. Psyduck must have really pondered about that logic there to the point his head hurt. Legends claim he still hasn't figured it out, let's hope he embraces his identity as sky serpent one day.
I think if a Pokemon with Turboblaze/Teravolt/Mold Breaker uses a move that would be negated by the ability (Fire moves for Primordial Sea and Water moves for Desolate Land), it will work anyway. Not completely sure tho.

*necroposting intensifies*