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I have- the 3 Regis.
-nickname 4 regice and holds never melt ice.
-yet island cave does NOT appear.
What's up with this?
no seriibi net plz!!! they have mislead me.


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  1. Wait a day after you have caught the trio and make sure it is day.
  2. Have the trio in your party
  3. Talk to the girl in Pacifidlog again

Hopefully this works, I've searched a bit and some people said they couldn't get it until a day after. Some others said that they were only able to get it when it was day.

Source, Othersource and various comments made by people on other sites

If you are having trouble finding the actual thing, look here (sorry for non-ORAS pic, I had to photoshop it myself and I couldn't find an ORAS one)
And remember, the actual island is at Route 105.

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I'll fix this in a bit
It doesn't have to be daytime in order to get Regigigas.
Regigigas cannot be encountered during nighttime.
-Bulbapedia on the Island Cave

But he said you’ll need to wait in the middle when it’s bright and Hoenn is overflowing with natural energy. I wonder if he meant you can’t meet it at night.
-The girl who talks about the regis
Your right, I just watched a video on how to get it and the time has to be between 10a.m. and 6p.m.
Regice needs to be nicknamed, and has to hold an "icy item".
He said he did, and btw he got it already iirc
Why regice need to be nickname?
Better Question, why the Regice?
two shay =)
GFL (/oDo)/