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They're just so cool x3 how rare are they really? (I have a pansage and NidoranF)

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Superstar is rare all right, but I believe it is just random.  To improve your odds, try a Special Trait tree.
I have a Superstar Magikarp!  (That is very cool and popular Nintendo!)
From experience they aren't any more rare than the other traits.

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The chances are 1/64 - since there's 64 traits, and it's only one your looking for.
Same goes for other special traits. None are more common since they all do something special and unique.

Source = 64 traits

Hope I helped! :)

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Do you have a source? Because I know there are ways to make the pool much bigger by readding the traits to make them more common (Call of Duty Mystery Box) so other traits are rarer
I'll put the source in the answer
That source doesn't really explain if other traits are more rare or not :s

though I did learn from it
Still, traits aren't more rare than the other
What makes you believe that to be true?

Because that is the source I'm looking for