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Like Mew, Kyogre... Yes, those that I couldn't catch because I didn't even download the game at that time. (sniff)

btw can i also have the mega effects for mega stones in special stages
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Celebi: 50
Regirock: 70
Rayquaza: 70
Kyogre: 70
Groudon: 70
Mew: 50
Keldeo: 60
Pinsir: 70
All rotom forms from the daily Pokemon number 1 : 50
Daily Pokemon number 2: Pachirusu and Farfetch'd are 50, rest are sixty.
Friend Safari: Cherubi is 40, Carvahna and Spinda are 50, Cherrim and Sharpedo are 60.
Lucario's Mega: Same as Lopunny
Blastoise's Mega: Same as Altaria
Banette's Mega: Clear's a Pokemon with the same type as Banette.

Source: Extreme Web hunting
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