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I know this has probably been answered, but I really do need help. Last year I found a couple of shinies using this method, and so now I've decided to give chain fishing a break and go for horde encounters once again. I know that horde encounters is 5/4096 but I have been doing horde encounters recently for the last 5 days and have not seen one shiny! People have reported to find at least 2 in 1 hour. When I did horde encounters, I found 1 shiny Zigzagoon in 2 hours, an Oddish over an hour and a Trevenant took 3 hours. I'm really need this to be answered please. Also, if you do end up reading all this, would you rather horde encounters or friend safari? Also if you can, can you put the shiny chance for the friend safari shiny chance as well please!

Thanks to the answer in the future

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First its not a 5/4096 getting a shiny is 1/8192 for each mon (unless you have the shiny charm then I don't  know the chance)  second it is luck to get a shiny
Actually  yes it is 5/4096 because they halved the odds in 6th  gen so the original odds without alterations  is 1/4096

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You have a 5/4096 chance of getting a shiny when you do hordes. That is a 0.0012% chance of finding a shiny. As for why you aren't finding one, you just have to get lucky. Try getting the shiny charm. That increases the odds to 5/1365.3 (or 0.00367%).

As for me, I prefer to hatch my shinnies with the Masuda Method. With that method, I am able to control what I get and get good IVS along with it.

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cheers bud :) still going on with the horde ecounters though xD I might give masuda a try though :P
Why do people always forget to multiply by a hundred when calculating percentage. It's a 0.12% chance not a 0.0012% chance. (5/4096) * 100 = 0.12