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A lot of sites like Serebii mention the percentage chance of finding Pokemon in the wild, but it doesn’t give anything for horde encounter rate or the chances of a specific Pokemon appearing from a horde. Has anyone tested this out or found it in the game files?

Route 120 is an example. I’m talking about without Sweet Scent or Honey.


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Not all locations have wild hordes, but where they exist, hordes may be randomly encountered at approximately a 5% rate in tall grass or flowers (but not in long grass in Pokémon X and Y) or in caves.

Bulbapedia also has Horde Encounter Percentages on this page.

5% rate? Wow I must be lucky.
Thanks for the answer. I have my doubts for the 5% though since I've probably found 8 hordes and only 1 absol and 1 kecleon on Route 120. Could be a different rate for ORAS or specific locations.