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I've been trying to find a shiny in the Fiery Path via hordes, and I've noticed that whenever I encounter a horde of Koffing, my game slows down a lot.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why it happens?

Lag I'm guessing?
spinda hordes always lagged mine
Is it only Koffing hordes or hordes in general? If the latter than it's just general lag, the Pokemon games have only just gone into 3DS and giant multi-Pokemon battles. If the first, then I'm not sure.
It's only Koffing. All other hordes are at normal speed
glitch i guess?

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The frames of the game drop whenever a specific number of Pokemon are in a battle, causing there to be lag in the battle.

tl;dr: The game cannot handle a 5-man Pokemon battle well, causing lag.

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But it only happens with Koffing. All other horde battles don't lag at all.
It's still the same thing. The game lags for certain Pokemon in XY as well.