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Here is a list.

-Magician's Challenge
-First Errand
-Royal Competition
-Restaurant Opening
-Royal Competition, Round 2
-The Phantom Thief Appears
-Royal Comp. 3
-The Dark Emperor's Army
-Royal Comp. 4
- Catch The Garden Intruder
-Royal Comp. 5
-Raid Of The Mighty General
-Royal Comp. 6
-Moonlight Ball
-Royal Quarterfinals
-Supersonic Ninja Tricks
-Royal Semifinals
-The King's Adventure
-Royal Finals
-Dragon Marshal Face-Off
-King's Choice Competition
-The Dark Four
-Prince's Return Competition
-Battle The Dark Emperor
-??? (If anyone knows please comment)
-World Championships
-The Phantom Thief Returns
-World Championships X

Source (missing a few details)

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Lol they also sound way epic-er as you complete more