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As we know, Xerneas and Yveltal scored the 2 main legendary positions in Pokemon X/Y. But what about, ORAS. I'm playing ORAS and I'm choosing whether Xerneas or Yveltal would be a good party Pokemon (only 1).
Can you please provide information on who would be a better Pokemon for ORAS - since battles are much different in ORAS and there is a whole new adventure.

Also, these legendaries can not be used in the Battle Maison, Battle Institute etc. Who would be a similar Pokemon to take it's place?

Well… Xerneas is generally better with Geomancy + Moonblast, but in Enter the Dragon Type competition I believe Yveltal actually ended up performing better due to how many people were prepared for Xerneas. Yveltal also looks cooler.
Your comment is great, but an answer would be wonderful. Thanks! There both have the same base stat total and spread, but who's better based on the trainers and adventure in ORAS? I love both!
Plus Xerneas is way better looking imo

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Ok, well, let's look at the stats of both here:



  • Great attack, Sp. Atk, and HP stats
  • Defenses aren't horrible
  • Good movepool
  • Multiple options for movesets
  • Being a fairy type only, it has only two weaknesses, not too bad for a legendary.

I prefer to run my Xerneas mainly physical, holding a big root and using:

Horn Leech (HP recovering, helps with type coverage)
Moonblast (STAB, special attack helps offset attackers for some time
Close Combat (Steel coverage, quite powerful)
Megahorn (Unexpected, but can be replace by aurora beam, outrage, or any other possible move you want)

You can also swap the big root for an assault vest with this moveset for added Sp. Def.

Altogether, Xerneas is a pretty hard hitter that can take some too. Pretty well-rounded and one of my favorites.



  • Good Attack and Sp. Atk, Hp isn't too bad and defenses aren't bad either
  • Signature move (Oblivion Wing) is pretty powerful and quite useful
  • Movepool is a little bit more limited than Xerneas'
  • 4 weaknesses, leaving more holes you have to cover up
  • More STAB moves available than Xerneas
  • Can also run an all-offensive moveset, here's what I'd use:

Use an assault vest to add some extra sp. def, whilst using these moves:

Oblivion Wing (STAB, heath restoration)
Dark Pulse (STAB and possible flinch)
Heat Wave (Covers Ice Weakness)
The next move can be Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, or any move you want to use.

Altogether, it's got its faults and it's rises, you've just got to balance them to get the best out of Yveltal.

If it were up to me, I'd choose Xerneas. He's got an advantage over Yveltal by having a wider movepool and less weaknesses. However, you choose whom you see fit to battle the legendaries and such, but Xerneas also has a HUGE advantage over the ORAS E4, as he can take on the steel mons of Steven, can cover the Ice mons of Glacia, the Dark Mons of Sydney, the Dragon mons of Drake, and can easily swipe Rayquaza in the Delta episode if you equip it with aurora beam. Yveltal? Not so much.

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Good answer! Thanks!
No Problem!
Steel is good against fairy
and close combat is good against steel, and if you use blaziken or swampert, it is pretty simple to swipe steven if you're smart.
and steel covers almost all holes leaving just electric
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I honestly think Yveltal is better. Theyre average stats are the same. But Xerneases signature move (geomancy) only raises stats. Well Yveltals does 80 damage and heals the user a bit too. Xerneas is only fairy type wich not many people are too hot on. Since fairy is a little weaker. Yveltal is a dark and flying wich are more powerful. So I suggest you use Yveltal in my opinion.

How is dark and flying more powerful than fairy? Fairy types have two weaknesses, when dark and flying has four... And correct me if I'm wrong but in ORAS, Xerneas has way more advantages, being a fairy type and all...
Fairy better than dark and flying? No. Dark/Flying offensively is a far better combination than Fairy offensively. Offensively, Yveltal is really only countered by pokemon that resist Dark/Flying. This includes Pokemon like Tyranitar, bisharp, etc. However, these pokemon get shut down by focus blast. After a bit of prior damage, Yveltal can be a huge threat. Xerneas, on the other hand, is countered very easily. Sure, it can take out Yveltal, but any Steel/Fire type will eliminate it. Counters include pokemon like Aegislash and Primal Groudon. It's because of these reasons that Yveltal is used more often in Uber than Xerneas.
I also forgot to mention that Yveltal has the strongest priority move in the game thanks to Dark Aura + Sucker Punch.