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I know I can go through routes and later finsih the surfing parts, but does that get annoying? Is a Pokemon with surf on your team needed? Because I'd rather not...


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Yes, you must need it

Or else how would you get through the seaside cave to get to team plasma?
A good Pokemon that can learn surf I would recommend for you is golduck, it helped me a lot in black 2(if you have samurott, then give it surf and don't get Golduck)

Hope I helped!

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HM slave? Is there no PC on board, there? Cause I've planned my team and reaaaaaally dont want to change it.
What is your team?
Serperior, Crobat, Excadrill, Electivire, Lucario, Arcanine.
Great team, but I would replace either Excadrill or Electivire because its gonna take a while to get a drilbur and I don't know when you get an electrizer. Plus you get psyduck really early in the game, and it gets confusion to help against the poison gym, so that's a bonus
Thanks, I'll consider it :)
No problem :)