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Using Pokémon X. Please can you tell me where to find it too. I got it in a trade on the GTS.

An Eviolite. Since it's unevolved, it can get the boost to it's defenses. I would suggest that you evolve it and give it the Swampertite since Marshtomp's defenses aren't anything spectacular though.
The Swampertite can be bought at  Route 114 if Treeko or Torchic was you starter for 1500 Pokédollars or gotten from Steven at Route 120 if Mudkip was your starter.
This is XY, not ORAS. No Swampertite.
Swampertite isn't in XY, but Eviolite is definitely the right item
Huh. I didn't notice.

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Based on my opinion, a rindo berry would be a good choice, to cancel out his only weakness "grass", but the only problem is it's a one time item - not repeatedly.
But, since he has high defense, use leftovers. Therefore, he can withstand grass type moves (with his defense) and recover using leftovers or a shell bell.

Rindo Berry - green trees on route 5,7,10,11,19
Leftovers/Shell Bell - Route 12/Dendemille city

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Hope I helped! :)

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A Rindo Berry can't be used repeatedly :/
A Soothe Bell only increases friendship. Are you talking about the Shell Bell? Even so, the amount the Skell Bell heals is dependent on the damage dealt to the opponent
In my answer, I stated that a rindo berry can't be used - but for part of it. And yes, thanks 4 correcting me, it was the shell bell