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I want to ask which item will help infernape do its best

What generation are you playing?

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Well, if you're using Acrobatics, a Flying Gem works wonders. Otherwise, a Life Orb usually works best if this isn't Gen V.

Infernape@Flying Gem/Life Orb
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Acrobatics/Shadow Claw
Fire Punch
Hope this helped :)

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In pokemon Mystery Dungeon There are Chimchar and evolution specific items.

Chim-Fang -Boosts Special Attack by 5
Chim-Hair -Boosts Special Defense by 3
Nimble Charm -Boosts Special Attack by 5 & Special Defense by 3
Ember Cap -May put foe into Burn status by Attack by 5
Monfer-Fang -Boosts Special Attack by 5
Monfer-Hair -Boosts Special Defense by 3
Monfer-Crest -Boosts Special Attack by 5 & Special Defense by 3
Burst Sash -Raises movement speed in Sunny weather
Infern-Fang -Boosts Special Attack by 5
Infern-Hair -Boosts Defense by 3
Infern-Seal -Boosts Special Attack by 5 & Special Defense by 3
Blazing Ruff-Heals HP when hit by water moves