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There are more wild pokemon in white than black.
There are at least 100 pokemon, including the evolutions,
in white forest. Thats whats so good about white.
But then whats so great about black?? Most people
would pick white purely because of white forest
So what does black have that white doesn't?

(Apart from a few version exclusives)

You can catch a total of 34 different pokemon in White forest, and I don't get why you should include the evolutions.

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Black city is exclusive to Pokemon Black .

There are a number of version exclusive pokemon in pokemon black too.
In black city there are more trainers than white forest and there is a market in black city that sells a numerous number of rare items .


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Also in the market in Black City there is a guy and if you talk to him after beating alot of the trainers in Black City he will pay you

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Well theres a few big differences and the pokemon they made exclusive to white any but here goes...
in black city after defeating 10 trainer you get 10,000 and you can buy some exclusive items also there are 2 trainers in the market that challenge you to a rotation battle... in black you can catch vullaby instead of rufflet D= you can catch sawk instead of throh you can catch cottenne instead of petili murkkrow and misdrevious and the evolutions and theirs more also you battle iris in white instead of drayden in black you have rotation battles instead of triple battles and more sometimes I depate which one is better sorry for long answer p.s the two traveling legendaries also in white forest the pokemon are level 5

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