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I've pretty much dropped out of the TCG completely, but I still love the things. I decided to make it my goal to get every Mega Evolution card (so far I have Blastoise XD), but I don't know how many there are.

Could I get a complete list of the Mega Evolution Pokémon Cards? With images, if possible?


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image M Venusaur

image M Blastoise

image M Charizard Y

imageM Charizard X

imageM Kangaskhan

image M Heracross

image M Lucario

image M Manectric

image M Gengar

image M Metagross

image M Aggron

image M Gardevoir

image M Gallade

image M Latios

image M Diancie

image M Absol

image M Rayquaza

Upcoming cards: Mawile, Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken, Shiny Gengar, and a couple more probably.

Hope I helped!

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I was promised Mega Sableye! >:(

Curse you, Pokémon TCG.
Man this was a good wake up call for my HTML skills. Turns out I now suck at them xD
Absol seems slightly broken.
Really? It seems fine to me...
I thought Shiny MGengar and Sceptile already exist now?
Sceptile doesn't, Shiny Gengar does as far as I know. Only reason I haven't included Shiny Gengar is because I only found the Japanese card
It's a Japanese exclusive iirc