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I heard there was one. I think it is a fairy and I think it might be a joke card made by the Pokemon Company or somethin

i think its mawile or diance but i dont play the tcg
It is not. Like I said I thinl]k it is a joke card
The Pokemon Company doesn't make "Joke Cards" often, but they do make some (Like Pikachu dressed as Mario, etc.). Most of their "joke cards" are just Pikachu in a costume. They never made a joke Mega.

Every Mega/Primal card has at least one EX card that those Mega and Primal Cards can Evolve From. :P

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There is no such card. Every Mega Pokemon has a corresponding EX card to evolve from.

Although there ARE EX Pokemon without a mega, there are no Mega Pokemon without an EX counterpart.

I said it was a joke card
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