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This is out of all the cards ever created.

There's also a bunch of fake cards with thousands of HP, but you can't use those legally.
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As of 2020, the highest hp pokemon is Snorlax V-Max with 340 hp and you can use Buff Padding to raise it to a whopping 390 hp

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Current as of 2015 it is WailordEX from Primal Clash with 250 HP.


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As of 2019, the card with the highest health is tied between Shadow Lugia and a Tag Team GX card called Wailord and Magikarp. They both have 300 HP.

The "Raiku, Entei, & Suicune" card has 500 HP; although, I am pretty sure it is banned from regular play; nonetheless, it is still the card with the most HP. :P
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Actually the highest health card is shadow Lugia, which is banned from tournaments and official events.

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I'm almost certain that the card is fake.
yup. fake. definatley
No, it is not fake, it is a promotional event card. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadow_Lugia_(Nintendo_World_promo)
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As of 2020, the Pokemon with the highest hp is Snorlax Vmax with 340 hp, and Buff Padding raises it to a whopping 390 hp.