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In XY Geosenge Town's houses get knocked over by the Ultimate Weapon.
Like this :
enter image description here
Will the Ultimate Weapon disappear or is Geosenge forever ruined in the game ?

It's probably forever ruined, but Game Freak logic could strike again.
The banana goes away after defeating Team Flare, but the hole it leaves doesn't... :c

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The Ultimate Weapon disappears after you defeat Diantha, and after the postgame narrative where Floette-Eternal returns to AZ. However, there is an enourmous crater in the middle of Geosenge Town, and there are still upturned buildings and rubble. That does not go away.

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Oh, I thought he ment does the buildings revert to normal as well
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It may revert back to its normal state but most likely to stay the same. Even though in future games (If there is one) it might return back.

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