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Did you actually mean Zorua/Zoroark? Cause Transform move cannot be reverts by any mean except switching to another Pokemon, Illusion can be break thought.
No I mean Ditto. It was sort of a half serious question. I asked because if a Ditto is made to laugh it can't keep its transformed state. Still I was curious if Tickle did in fact affect him differently.

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Why would it? All Tickle does is lower the Attack and Defense of the opposing Pokemon. Ditto would still be it's transformed self.

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Well the pokedex says making a ditto laugh will cause it to lose its transformation. It would actually be really cool if that worked.
I agree
Yeah, there are tons of hidden effects of moves like that. If curling up into a ball can raise the power of a move where you roll into the opponent (defense curl+rollout), or causing a thunderbolt to come down and strike when there's already a storm has better accuracy (thunder+rain), then tickling a ditto, especially when it is actually stated in the game, should do what the pokedex says it does.
Wow, I've always thought about that!
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No... no moves will revert a transformed Ditto back to its original form. The only way Ditto reverts is by switching out.

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Hey ShuckleMyPokeballs

I catch your drift becouse I also like the anime a lot ! This is only not the case in the games. I the games everything is a little more objective so al tickle do is lower your transformed Ditto's Attack and Defense by one stage.

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