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If a wild ditto is battled and killed, will its EV yield be that of the Pokemon it was transformed into, or will it be 1 HP no matter what?

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Ditto gives off 1 HP EV, but when he transforms, he still keeps his own yield, meaning he still gives off the same one HP EV when he is transformed into another Pokemon.
Simple as that! ~(.^_^.)~

SOURCE: Personal experience and a conformation with bulbapedia!

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After ditto transforms it will give the EV yield of the Pokemon it has transformed into rather than its own 1 hp EV

How do you know this? I do mind that the other answer isn't very credible either.
> Transform copies the target Pokémon's Ability, replacing its own. Starting in this generation, Transform also copies the catch rate, the base experience, and the EV yield of the target.

This only applies in generation 3. :P
It says "starting in this generation," meaning that it applies to Gen 3 and onward.
Oh, I was looking at catch rate, although it does make sense for them to remove catch rate and not EV yield. :P