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Mew, Smeargle or Ditto all can learn Transform. But will they keep its Catch Rate? If no, I think that Magikarp isn't so useless:))

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Bulbapedia says: "Transform changes the user's current type(s), current stats, current stat levels, current move(s), current species, current cry, and current catch rate to that of the target's."

So yes, if you bring out Magikarp against a pokemon that knows transform, the opposing pokemon will get Magikarp's catch rate.

This isn't very useful though, since only Ditto learns Transform naturally. Mew learns it by level up but any time you might encounter one (i.e. an event) it's very unlikely to have Transform.

Well...Mew at Faraway Island is at level 30 and KNOWS Transform...I LUV U, MAGIKARP!!
that would explain why that ditto who transformed into my garchomp was so hard to catch
Wow, that must've been a good day for you! :D
I didn't know that and spent ages trying to catch reshiram/ditto in regular pokeballs...
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I don't think so because when it transforms it loses all of it's data and become the pokemon it transformed to. Like If ditto used transform on your magikarp, Ditto will lose it's catch rate to make room for the pokemon it transformed to catch rate. Example:If ditto's catch rate is 1 out of 50 and the pokemon it transformed into catch rate is 1 out of 40, Ditto's catch rate will be 1 out of 40 now not 1 out of 50.