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The description of Transform is "User takes on the form and attacks of the opponent" and Sketch' s description is "Permanently copies the opponent's last move".
So, in a triple battle, if my pokémons are ditto (with transform), smeargle (with sketch and another move) and a random Pokemon and:

  1. Ditto uses transform in smeargle,
  2. In the next turn the random Pokemon attacks, and
  3. Ditto uses sketch in the random Pokemon

Would ditto learn that move permanently or Nintendo/Pokémon Company programed the game so that ditto wouldn't be able to use that move when the battle ends?


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>A famous glitch in Pokémon Gold and Silver can be used to Transform a Ditto into a Smeargle, allowing it to use Sketch to permanently gain an attack used on it. Ditto can then breed the attack into its (non-Ditto) offspring. In Pokémon Emerald and similar games of the generation where Ditto and Smeargle appeared, this was fixed, meaning that a Ditto using Sketch will always fail and a Smeargle will find it impossible to Sketch Transform.

So yeah, it'd work in Gen 2 but otherwise no.


That's interesting because on Showdown there is a famous smeargle set with transform.
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The move would be gone after ditto either switched out or left the battle.