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On Buzznav I sometimes notice they are doing the trainers eye thing. When ever someone has battled a trainer a couple times, it says "You know what it must be? Love!" EVEN IF THEY ARE BOTH BOYS OR BOTH GIRLS. I think thats a little... how should I say it... weird.

I love it. Especially since a lot of female trainers flirt with you, regardless of gender. ♥
How is this a problem though? It doesnt harm your game and theres nothing wrong with your game

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Friendly love

It is a thing, you know. not every thing with "love" in it has to be romantic.

ok thank u. whenever i see something like that i assume it means the other thing
You need to get your mind OUT of theee GUTTER.
^ (filler)
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Why Not?

Not everyone likes the opposite gender, and it's nice to be acknowledged. ^_^