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In HeartGold, when I'm walking with my Pokémon in the tall grass, and I talk to them, the message comes up that "----- seems to feel a little claustrophobic" or "----- is a bit nervos about the tight space." Why is this? It only happens in the tall grass. Is this just what all Pokémon feel / say in the grass?

(My team is Golbat / Quilava / Geodude / Weepinbell / Slowpoke / Ariados.)


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Well, it seems that Pokémon can have different feeling depending on the location or in certain situations . On this [source][1], I found a few

-Doing warm up exercises
-Suddenly hugging you (:>)
-Staring at the Pokéschool blackboard
-Watching your footprints in the sand
-Greeting other Pokémon
-Being alarmed at rain
-Playing in rain puddles
-Route 47: Being afraid of the cliff
-Icy Path: Staring at own reflection in the ice/Being startled by reflection/Slipping on ice
-Charcoal Man's House: Smelling smoke
-Shops: Look at shelves
-Poking at garbage
-Sniff people
And many, many more.

So it seems to be a cute feature that they put in :D
[1]: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f226/so-your-pokemons-reactions-can-change-depending-your-location-56068/

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Apparently they sniff at flower girls too 0.0
xD They do a lot of things, apparently one person said his Gyarados roared angrily at a nearby trainer