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I need this Pokemon to absolutely have these qualities:

  • Needs to have a decent amount of resistances
  • Can't have too many weaknesses
  • Should (obviously) be able to break through walls with ease
  • Cannot be a Legendary Pokemon
  • Can take a hit or too and give team support rather well.

Don't worry about team members, as I'll be building around the Pokemon you pick. Thanks!

Wallbreakers are chosen primarily on the ability to break for specific walls that are counterproductive to the team as a whole, such as being able to break for bulky water-types if your team consists of mostly fire types. I could suggest some things to you, but it won't mean much if they don't fit to your team's standards and needs.

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I found tons of good Wallbreakers from Smogon, from where I've directly copied it from. Although generally I dislike to directly Copy and Paste stuff, I found this really very helpful and relevant. I've short-listed some of the best of them that fit your categories:

All things into consideration, the best seem to me:

  1. Mega Metagross
  2. Mega Gallade
  3. Mega Lopunny
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I would personally replace no. 3 Mega Lopunny with Mega Gardevoir because of the typing, Special stats and ability. With pixilate, you get STAB and extra 1.3x which pretty much means OHKO Fairy-type moves against Dark, Fighting, and Dragon types. With HP EVs or Defense EVs and Calm Mind.....Mega Gardevoir kills everything (bye bye all so powerful dragons XD). And I have to say, that is a really nice list.
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It depends on which type of walls you want to break, but, off the top of my head, I would suggest an Empoleon with Defense and HP EVs or a Magnezone with Special Defense and HP EVs. They both have enough resistances to be a wall, are good defensive Pokemon, and have really good Special Attack stats. Hope this helped.