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I really want to learn to one of my Pokemons the Solarbeam but I dont want to wait two turns.THANKS. :)

Not really my decision, but if that's all you need it for, it's not worth it. Give your Pokemon another moves, like Energy Ball, for example. Power Herb works ONLY ONCE anyway.

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You get it for 32 BP in the Battle Tower.


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Gather, All Ye Greatest!

You can buy the power herb for 32 BP (Battle Points) in Battle Park. In Battle Park, there is a Battle Tower and an Exchange Service Corner. In the Battle Tower, you can earn BP by challenging opponents and beating them. These BP can be exchanged for items (such as the power herb) and TMs in the Exchange Service Corner. In the Exchange Service Corner, there will be two corners with a PC separating them. In the Left Corner, you can buy the power herb for 32 BP.

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