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It's a simple question: What is the speed of

a) Adamant Scarfed Metagross
b) Jolly Scarfed Metagross

Both at level 50, max Speed EVs and IVs.

I've been trying to figure it out myself, but for some reason I can't fit my head around it.

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with full speed EV's or with metagross's base speed at level 100?
I added the necessary info.
When calculating speed with scarf, all you need to do is multiply the current speed with 1.5

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Adamant: 122 without Choice Scarf, 183 with.
Jolly: 134 without Choice Scarf, 201 with.
As a side note, Metagross lowest Speed at Level 50 is 67.

Source, but in the data into Pokemon Showdowns teambuilder.

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I should have thought of that. Thanks!