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According to Bulbapedia, Silver is at Indigo Plateau. I have searched for him and cannot find him. Where is he?


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Okay, so according to Serebii's page, you fight Silver seven times. You fight him at:

1 - Cherrygrove City
2 - Azalea Town
3 - Burned Tower
4 - Goldenrod Underground
5 - Victory Road
6 - Mt. Moon
6.5 - Dragon's Den (Double Battle partner)
7 - Pokémon League

Now, the seventh time you fight him is actually in the Pokémon League building, not on Indigo Plateau specifically. It also only happens at a certain time.

>On Mondays & Wednesdays however, when you enter the Pokémon League, you will get challenged by your rival before you enter. He has been training and wants to test his team out

Try looking for him on a Monday or Wednesday.

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So you can rematch him?
(Will get BA if it works)
Wait does he get stronger with every rematch?